MX Arcturian Pants

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Stylish, well-ventilated and durable MX trousers by Acerbis! They are made of a combination of different materials, including Kevlar®, Schoeller®, Armortex®, nylon and sturdy 600D polyester . The combination of these materials makes the trousers stylish, comfortable and above all: durable!

These trousers are even more edgier than the X-Gear trousers by Acerbis as Arcturian trousers are sewn with 12 different materials and 60 different panels to achieve the best fit and function.

-The knee part is padded with foam.
-Extra durable Cordura in the seat increases the wear resistance.
-The inside of the right knee is reinforced with vulcanized rubber, and Kevlar® and Armortex® on the inside of the left knee. The reason for the choice of these materials on the inside of the knees is because of the extra wear there.
-Sturdy buttons around the waist. Adjustable with two extra Velcro fasteners.
- Smartly positioned stretch panels make the trousers naturally follow the body's movements.
-Ventilating mesh material where it is needed the most.
-The trousers protects against the heat from the engine.

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